There are three varieties of dragonfruit, red dragon fruit is dragon fruit with red flesh and red skin, dragonfruit with yellow skin and white flesh, and dragonfruit with red skin and white flesh. All varieties have the flesh or dragonfruit pulp filled with lots of tiny black seeds which are edible with the fruit.

The health benefits of dragonfruit are many and varied, including dragonfruit health benefits helping to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Dragonfruit vitamin C and dietary fiber are both positive nutritional benefits of dragonfruit among others.

The dragonfruit pages at Foodlywise.com will introduce you to all aspects of the dragonfruit including health benefits of dragonfruit and where to buy dragonfruit and tips on how to grow dragonfruit cactus (growing dragonfruit cactus can be very rewarding). You can also learn how to eat dragonfruit both dried dragonfruit and fresh dragonfruit.

Update: You can now find fully updated diabetes information at the improved dragon fruit health benefit pages at Foodlywise.com and stay tuned for some specific pages for the varieties of dragon fruit and the Pitaya Fruit and Pitahaya Fruit - although the Dragon Fruit information website will be the main website. A secondary Strawberrypear Foodlywise website and Dragon Fruit Pitaya as well as Dragon Fruit Pitahaya will be new domains to be filled out in the future.

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